Giselle Dress
Giselle Dress

Giselle Dress

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من تشكيلة الاستقبال والسهرة
الرد والاستبدال محدود خلال ٢٤ ساعة
ننصح بتجربة القطعة في المحل قبل الشراء
للاستفسار ٩٩٩٠٤٩٠٠


  • White crepe fabric 100% Polyester
  • Trimmed with 100% Ostrich feathers
  • Dry clean only

Do not use too much steam to prevent deforming the shape of the dress. Keep away from water and heat. When handing the item over for dry cleaning, make sure no water is used in the cleaning process. Do not fold the item as folding can damage the interlining, do not use a clip hanger on the front cups.

All of the feathers are 100% ostrich feathers. They are produced with full commitment to the framework of sustainable production and are supplied from certified farms. Store in a cool and dry environment. Since the feathers are not synthetic, it is expected that some amount of shedding will occur. All of the feathers are hand stitched to the dress. Before handing over the dress for dry cleaning, the feathers should be removed and sewn again after the dress has been cleaned.


    • Bustier form
    • Corset construction
    • Strapless, asymmetric design
    • Feathered skirt
    • Maxi dress

    Dress Frontal Length from Shoulders: Standard Length: 158 cm